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Focusrite Plug-in Collective Offer - zplane The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 20 July 2017 13:10:48 Europe/London

Focusrite Plug-in Collective Offer - zplane

For the next two weeks (up until 3rd August 2017) Focusrite are offering their users the latest plug-in collective offer, zplane, FREE from vielklang LE worth over £70!  It is an audio harmonisation plug-in which offers a flexible vocal editing tool along with a harmony generator.  It is perfect for all singers, songwriters, producers and musicians.

The main features of the zplane plug-in is its audio and MIDI harmonisation, it automatically creates four-voiced choirs and brass sections, modification of scale, tempo and harmony with one click, musical voicing by using voice-leading and harmony progression theory, fine quality via élastique pitch shifting engine and Audio-to-MIDI.

With these fabulous features you are able to create backing vocals and brass sections more musically than conventional harmony processors. vielklang LE uses voice-led and harmony progression models to create more naturally sounding arrangements, and the piano-roll display provides maximum control over every pitch of every voice.

To obtain the vielklang LE zplane plug-in for FREE simply log into your Focusrite account by the 3rd August 2017; where it will be waiting for you.  Please note, your hardware has to be registered with Focusrite prior to receiving this plug-in and any future ones that feature within their Plug-in Collective initiative.

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Laura Apicella