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Denon DJ releases awesome new firmware v1.2 update The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 12 July 2018 14:54:03 Europe/London

Denon DJ releases awesome new firmware v1.2 update

Hold the press Denon Prime DJs! If there is one article you want to read today make it this one. Denon DJ have released their new firmware version 1.2 update for the SC5000 and Engine Prime. This new update brings with it direct import to none other than Native Instrument (NI) Traktor playlists along with enhanced BPM analysis, instant-doubles, larger library transfers across the Prime network and custom music arrangement.

Denon DJ Prime Update v1.2

Native Instruments Traktor and Denon DJ

Now with the ability to import playlists, songs, loops and cue points from NI’s Traktor, it means that essentially you can do away with the laptop. You can directly access what you require through the Engine Prime software. From this, the Traktor elements you want to use can then be effortlessly exported to the SC5000 through NML export.

Enhanced BPM analysis

The enhanced BPM analysis has room for more tempo (BPM) tracks and musical genres, all in one selectable range. This can be anything from hip-hop to drum ‘n bass. Not only that the improved downbeat detection ensures that Engine Prime selects the first downbeat of a DJs track even more precisely than it was previously.


This new feature duplicates the track that is playing at the exact same spot on a second networked player or the units second layer. The Instants Doubles is a must for turntablists and scratch DJs.

Prime Network Transfers

DJs are now able to access far larger music collections, quickly and easily, across a series of networked SC5000s.

Custom music arrangement

Custom workflow, arrangement, and navigation options are not only now available for playlists but also crates. This will make life for a DJ easier by having a more organised music collection that can be exported effortlessly to the SC5000. Additionally, instant cue-plus-play functions and the analysing of tracks metadata can be performed directly from inside the unit.

Denon DJ version 1.2 firmware

Denon DJ version 1.2 firmware

With this new update comes a new dimension and offers to enhance that DJ experience. It provides a faster, more accurate import/export capability and greater flexibility when organising music.

Paul Dakeyne, Director of Creative and Brand Marketing for Denon DJ describes the new update as “The ability to directly import Native Instruments Traktor playlists, ‘instant-double’ tracks effortlessly, the enhanced BPM capabilities and music library organization options create exciting new possibilities of workflow and performance for Prime DJs”.

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