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Monday, 12 December 2016 12:34:08 Europe/London

American DJ Stinger 3-in-1 FX Lighting Range

The American DJ (ADJ) Stinger 3-in-1 FX Range is a fine collection of quality and affordable professional lighting designed to add ambiance to any event, room or venue.  There are four lights within this range; Stinger Star, Stinger Gobo, Stinger II and Stinger (I).  These lighting units are lightweight and easily transportable making them ideal for pubs, bars, clubs and mobile entertainers.  Three of the light units (all bar the Stinger I) are UC IR Remote Control and Airstream IR compatible (sold separately).

Stinger Star

The Stinger Star has three FX in one unit including Moonflower, Laser and Strobe/Chase effect.  The unit includes 8x1W RGBA LEDs, Red and Green Lasers and 6x3W RGBWAV LEDs, all able to withhold extensive and prolonged use (no duty cycles so can run all night).  There are three operation modes; DMX Controllable, Sound Activated and Show Mode.  The ADJ Star also has 6 in-built light shows and can present up to 63 different colour combinations.  Other features include Master/Slave or Standalone setup, two DMX channel modes (2 and 14 DMX channels), four button DMX display on the rear and the unit can be linked via a 3-pin XLR Cable.  The ADJ Stinger Star Lighting unit is currently priced at £175.

Stinger Star Video

Stinger Gobo

Similar to the Stinger Star, the Stinger Gobo also has 3 built-in FX; Gobo, Strobe/Chase and Laser effect.  The light includes 8x3W RGBW LEDs, Red and Green lasers and 8x1W RGBA LEDs.  Again, there are three operation modes and six in-built shows.  There are also eight Gobos and up to 15 preset colour combinations. Other features of this ADJ lighting unit includes no duty cycles so can run throughout the night with ease, DMX display with 4 buttons on the rear panel, two DMX channel modes (14 or 2), can be linked by a 3-pin XLR cable and has either a standalone or Master/Slave set up.  American DJs Stinger Gobo light unit is currently priced at £175.

Stinger Gobo Video

Stinger II

The Stinger II also contains 3 FX in one element in the form of HEX LED Moonflower, UV LEDs and Red and Green Lasers.  The Stinger unit produces clear cut, colour changing beams of light with the flexible long life LEDS.  There are three operation modes in the form of DMX Control, Sound Active and Master/Slave.  Additionally there are 15 preset colours, Sound Active and Master/Slave built-in program modes, and with the inclusion of a 1.8 degree long life stepper motor technology the light can generate fast yet precise movement or a smooth flowing movement depending on the event and atmosphere you are trying to create.  Other features include 2 DMX channel modes (2 or 9 channels), can be connected via a XLR cable (3-pin), electronic dimming 0-100%, four button DMX display on the panel at the rear of the unit, and has been designed and built to last the night and not overheat.  Currently, the Stinger II is priced at £185.

Stinger 2 Video


Stinger or Stinger I is the final lighting unit within the three in one ADJ range.  It contains a Moonflower, Strobe and Laser effect with 8x3W White LEDs, 6x5W RGBWAP HEX LEDs and both red and green lasers.  Just like Stinger II it also contains the long life stepper motor technology.  There are 10 DMX channels, 3 operation modes (Sound Active, DMX Control, Master/Slave), built-in programs and 15 preset colours.  Other features include 10 DMX channels, four button DMX display on the back of the unit, electronic dimming 0-100%, 3-pin XLR cable connection and Long life LEDs.  The price for the Stinger is £165 at present.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that each light in this entire range provides value for money and would suit any event or environment.  This ADJ range of hassle free, flexible and easily transportable lighting is perfect to add atmosphere and ambiance in any setting.

Stinger V1 Video
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