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Akai Professional Release VIP 3.0 - Complete VST Integration The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 7 September 2017 14:47:00 Europe/London

VIP 3.0 - Complete VST Integration

The new VIP 3.0 software, by Akai Professional, has been designed and created to open up the creative boundaries by allowing the platform to be used with any MIDI controller. When used in conjunction with the VIP Native Plugin Map Standard it provides the opportunity for third party virtual instruments and effect developers to create their own plugin maps for improved VIP integration.

Introducing VIP 3.0

Artists now have the ability to map the controls on their own MIDI controller, including faders, buttons, knobs, and encoders, within VIP capability.  The transition is seamless and allows for intuitive workflow.  M-Audio’s
CTRL49, Akai Professional Advance Series, and Alesis VX49 have been privy to the functionality of this software already, and now accessibility has been extended to practically any MIDI controller.


Existing Features of the VIP 3.0 software

The VIP software can be used on almost all VSTs that are compatible with plugin and effects units. It has advanced browsing capabilities and arranges the users’ plugin collection by artist, plugin, instrument, timbre and a lot more, additionally there is a beneficial effects browser which allows the browsing of effects by type and audition over various plugins with one click.

VIP 3.0 can be used on its own as an individual virtual instrument or as a plugin itself within a VST, AU or AAX attuned DAW.  The software provides users to access, edit and mix up to eight virtual instruments simultaneously in a Multi.  Open up the Multi mixer for complete routing control through send effects, insert effects, a master output channel strip and bus tracks.  The user is able to merge a number of effects, Effects Stacks, into patches which can be re-used; these become available in the patch list for ease of auditioning and selecting.


New Features of the VIP 3.0 software

The software incorporates MIDI Learn functionality where the controls can be effortlessly mapped with any VIP compatible keyboards to VIPs capabilities; this includes faders, buttons, encoders, and knobs.  The continually growing MIDI controller mappings for M-Audio and Akai controller keyboards are included.

The VIPMS, VIP Native Plugin Map Standard, provides the opportunity for third party instrument and effect developers to generate their own plugin maps which significantly improves VIP integration and creates a path to the advanced workflow VIP offers.

Though the use of Pad Chord Progressions the user can play the factory or pre-defined user chord progression using the keyboard controllers’ pad that is VIP ready. 

Finally, there are the Key Control modes, which can be played from a VIP keyboard / MIDI keyboard, which consists of harmonized chords, play scales, and chord progressions.

Free upgrade

The software opens up the endless possibilities of any standard MIDI controller.  What’s even better is if you own the Akai Professional MPK2 Series or MPK Mini Series, or M-Audio Code Series, Oxygen MK IV Series, KeyStation II Series, KeyStation Mini Series or Axiom AIR Mini 32 then you are entitled to a FREE upgrade to VIP 3.0.

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