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Sennheiser Announce The New and Improved HD25 Professional DJ Headphones The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 15 February 2016 14:21:33 Europe/London

A new range of industry standard DJ Headphones have been announced by Sennheiser in the form of the new and improved HD25 range.  The design of the professional headphones is based on the well known HD25-1-II Basic Edition that is used by many artists around the world. 

The HD25 headphones are lightweight, comfortable and perform well for any length of time.  Due to the headphones closed back design the high background noise is reduced meaning they are ideal for noisy locations as well as Pro-DJ/studio applications.  The quality of the sound on the HD25s has not changed and remains one of the top in the industry.

Following feedback from users, Sennheiser has improved the “end-piece” mechanical joint which is located between the headband and ear cup.  This offers efficient ear cup alteration and added strength and durability, which results in the headphones lasting longer.  The quality sounding headphones also come with a splayed headband, removable straight steel cable all packed within environmentally friendly packaging.

There are three versions of the Sennheiser headphones due for release:

HD 25 Light will feature the high-quality sound of the HD25 series along with a simplified headband at an affordable price.

HD 25 will again feature the high-quality sound of the HD25 range and come with a splayed headband and straight cable.

HD 25 Plus will feature the top quality sound expected from the renowned HD25 series and come with a coiled cable, a second set of ear cushions, an additional straight cable and a protective pouch.

The new and improved quality Sennheiser HD25 professional DJ headphones are due for release in March.

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Laura Stepney