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Pioneer Firmware updates October - November 2017 The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 16 November 2017 15:39:00 Europe/London

Despite how busy Pioneer DJ are they never fail to let their hardware or software fall by the wayside. Here is a list of new firmware updates that are available this November.

CDJ-2000NXS Firmware update (Ver.1.43)

A number of issues that were reported have been updated. These include a popping noise that appeared during a Loop with Quantize and Master Temp enabled, when sync was on the track playback speed occasionally did not return to the BPM that was displayed, and a hot cue started after jumping to the Loop-in point when modifying a Loop Beat Length with Quantize enabled.

DDJ-RR Firmware update (Ver.1.07)

The needle search has been fixed after finding it did not work at times and the accuracy of the tempo slider has been improved.

DJS-1000 Firmware update (Ver.1.03)

When repeating manual Live Sampling it has been reported that it froze when beat length was selected in Rec Length and Beat Sync is enabled. Additionally, the launching process has been improved when switching on the power to the DJS-1000 unit.

XDJ-700 Firmware update (Ver.1.13)

This update includes fixes to those reported within the CDJ-2000NXS Firmware Ver.1.43 update above.

XDJ-1000 Firmware update (Ver.1.13)

This update includes fixes to those reported within the CDJ-2000NXS Firmware version 1.43 update and XDJ-700 Firmware version 1.13 update above.

DDJ-SZ2 Firmware update (Ver.1.04)

This update includes the fixes and improvements to those reported within the DDJ-RR Firmware version 1.07 update above.

XDJ-RX Firmware update (Ver.2.21)

There were reports that when ‘Sync’ was enabled some MP3 files did not sync, auto BPM would not work when selecting Master for Beat effect channel when selecting Line/Phono for Input, and waveforms would not display when tracks were imported to some USB hard drives, which have all now been fixed. Beat countdown Memory Cue colour specification and the accuracy of the tempo slider have been improved.

rekordbox DJ update (Ver.5.0.2)

This new version of the free music management software offers new features and fixes. Please note if you use the XDJ-RX, make sure it has been updated to the very latest version to benefit from all of the new and improved features.

  • The new rekordbox now supports macOS High Sierra
  • There is a new option to automatically modify the zoom of enlarged waveforms when using SYNC
  • There is a new option to select enable or disable Send/Return effect on the DJM mixer
  • Playback can now be started from the start of a track when playing the lead-in part of the CD/vinyl in DVS REL mode
  • The accuracy of the tempo slider has been improved when connecting the XDJ-RX2.


There were a number of issues reported when using rekordbox which have now been fixed. These include:

  • The auto gain value that was set to the minimum after importing tracks from rekordbox.xml or analysing tracks.
  • Key information that wasn’t being displayed on the DDJ-RZX track info screen (2-deck display).
  • Playback position jumped when the tempo was reset during BPM Sync enabled in the DVS REL mode.
  • Detailed waveforms were not being displayed on the DDJ-RZX’s centre screen when the rotary selector was pressed.
  • When a track was selected option to delete the track became unavailable.
  • Show/Hide information in the drop-down menu was greyed out and could not be selected.
  • The rekordbox application would crash when ‘cancel’ was selected in the account setup dialogue.
  • Memory Cue, Active Loop and Loop were set or deleted in a track; the changes would not be reflected for the same track in multiple decks.
  • The beat count of Beat FX was reported to have been displayed incorrectly.
  • The colour icon would not display in the drop-down menu if the colour name had been changed in the Preferences.
  • There was a potential freeze when the Interface 2 was connected to a Mac.
  • On occasions the length of a loop was shortened when the BPM was manually inputted on the grid edit screen.
  • The AAC files with a sampling rate of 22,050Hz were not playing properly.
  • When the genre of multiple tracks was changed simultaneously the application would crash at times.
  • The input record in preferences was showing as blank when CH4 was selected as a record channel on some DJM mixers.
  • Overall improved stability.


Pulselocker announcement

On the 11th November 2017 Pioneer announced that Pulselocker, the music streaming service within rekordbox, would become disabled from immediate effect.  Within a statement released from the Pulselocker Team it said that “Due to a combination of market circumstances and financial constraints, we must re-organize our current structure if we are to successfully serve you in the future. After exhaustively searching for alternatives, we have made the extremely hard decision to shut down our operations”.

All of the updates mentioned above are available from the Pioneer DJ website.

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