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Pioneer DDJ-400 Is Where Your DJ Career Begins! The DJ Shop Blog

Monday, 25 June 2018 11:17:26 Europe/London

Pioneer DDJ-400 Rekordbox DJ Controller

Newly announced Pioneer DDJ-400 is a 2-channel DJ Controller that replaces the DDJ-RB. The USB midi controller retains a familiar club-standard layout, is user-friendly and straightforward to use. It has been designed specifically for use with Pioneer’s’ own DJ Software, rekordbox DJ, where a free license key is included. The console is durable yet lightweight, and has easily accessible grab handles on either side, so transportation is not an issue. You will also find many of the design features have been taken from more established controllers within the Pioneer range namely the flagship NXS2 series.

DDJ-400 Video Introduction

The DDJ400 is ideal for beginner DJs. There is a DJ Tutorial feature that takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to use the controller, what all the elements are/do and in turn, teaches you how to DJ. Once you have worked your way through the tutorial, you will find that the Pioneer 400 DJ controller is crammed with features that enhance your newly learned skillset!

Pioneer DDJ-400 Feature Layout



This entry level controller features a club-style layout. This means all of the controls, knobs, and buttons are positioned on the face of the unit, as you would find on the club-standard CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2. The DDJ-400 includes jog wheels, tempo sliders, cue/loop call buttons, a loop section, play/pause and cue buttons, EQ and trim knobs and headphone cue buttons.

The controller is USB bus powered, so there is no need for a mains connection, it is class compliant which means the OS standard driver will be installed automatically, it has a mic input circuit, so clear sound can be reproduced without distortion even at the highest of levels, and finally the audio interface is in the form of a built-in sound card, so you can literally connect the DJ controller to your PC or Mac and play straight away.

Pioneer DDJ-400 front and fear feature layout

In-depth Features Overview

Rekordbox Version 5.3

Not only do you get a great piece of equipment, but you also get a good bit of software to go with. Newly released rekordbox version 5.3 is what comes packaged with the DDJ controller. The new version includes some additional features including the already mentioned Tutorial Feature on learning how to use the equipment and DJ.

Rekordbox 5.3

There are three sorting modes Mood (tracks with a similar mood), Association (something that may link tracks, e.g., artist) and Era (tracks with a same year of release). To use this sorting mode to its full potential be sure to build up your rekordbox library with as much info as possible.

Track suggestion is another new feature. This is where tracks that match the one currently playing will be displayed. Cleverly, rekordbox library ranks each of the tracks in order as to how closely it matches to the one playing.

Finally, when uploading mixes to social media, even more information gets uploaded alongside, including track titles and stamps, all good for the listeners!


The Pioneer DDJ-400 is an entry-level controller and aimed at users wanting to learn how to DJ. Pioneer has created this package which ensures even the most novice of users can learn the basics. The usb controller is of Pioneer quality, packed with essential features, and comes with amazing software that is not only relevant but guides you through a step-by-step process. Who knows, this is just the beginning, a well-known future DJ may start out by using this very DJ Controller.

The Pioneer DDJ-400 is available now priced at £249

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