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New Products revealed at NAMM from Stanton and Cerwin-Vega The DJ Shop Blog

Saturday, 28 January 2017 12:34:41 Europe/London

Following the NAMM show last weekend Stanton and Cerwin-Vega have announced new product lines set to hit the shops in early spring.  There are three new product lines for Stanton; four turntables, three headphones and one new cartridge. For Cerwin-Vega there is a completely new speaker range.

Stanton and Cerwin-Vega

Stanton Turntables

The new turntables from Stanton take the form of:

  • Two new ST.150.M2 models - one with straight arm and one with curved tone arm.
  • One improved T.92.M2 model
  • One improved T.62.M2 model

All of the turntables have an exceptional finish, includes the latest control technology, state-of-the-art torque motors, steady platters, precise tone arms, resistant to feedback and are ultra strong.  This new range is set to impress all DJs, DVS users and turntable enthusiasts!

Additionally, each of the four above mentioned turntables come with a free version of Deckadance 2 software which can run in conjunction with your existing application or has the ability to be used in its own entirety.

Stanton headphones

The three new headphone models Stanton revealed at the show are:

  • DJ PRO 800
  • DJ PRO 4000
  • DJ PRO 6000

The headphones have been designed for use by all and have not been narrowed down to one particular user range; this being said its worth noting that no sound quality has been lost due to this decision!  The headphones produce clear and concise sound, dynamic and diverse sound range, deep bass response, comfortable to wear and are nice and light in weight.

Stanton Cartridge

Stanton has released information of their new cartridge, the Stanton 750 Professional Cartridge.  It has been designed to provide consistent, wide ranging and clear sound quality, and is suitable for digital mixing, scratch and vinyl recordings.  On top of that, it is expected to exceed even the most advance DJ scrutiny!

Cerwin-Vega Speaker Range

Within this new range, Cerwin-Vega has assembled their new CV Series Powered PA Speaker Range into three groups:

  • CVE
  • CVX
  • CVXL

They have taken away the traditional ‘speaker grouping’ and instead have focused on designing and creating the best sounding and best constructed speaker within each of the class groups!  The new speakers are ideal for small to medium sized venues including stage performances.

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