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M-Audio “Buy A Code | Get A Code” Promotion and the release of the New Editor software The DJ Shop Blog

Tuesday, 1 November 2016 07:36:00 Europe/London

M-Audio “Buy A Code | Get A Code” Promotion and the release of the New Editor software

M-Audio are launching a fantastic “Buy A Code | Get A Code” promotion. If you purchase one of the three M-Audio Code Series MIDI Keyboards (25, 49 or 61) from the 1st November 2016 to 31st January 2017 then you will receive AIR Music Technology’s Velvet, DB-33 and Mini Grand instruments for FREE.  When this awesome offer is paired with the already included virtual instrument content then you are left with a Premium Plugin Suite from AIR Music Technology; making this complete package content worth over £350!


The software in more detail

The software already included when you purchase either the Code 25, Code 49 or Code 61 MIDI Keyboard controller is the familiar Ableton Live Lite and AIR Music Technology’s Loom (additive synthesiser with a shape-shifting Morph Pad) and Hybrid 3.0 (synthesiser which can provide warm analogue or futuristic sounds).  In addition, this “Buy A Code | Get A Code” offer adds DB-33, Velvet and Mini Grand to the mix.

DB-33 is a tonewheel virtual organ that produces the sound made by the original organs such as the Hammond B3, and the rotary-speaker cabinets they were quite often played through.  The DB-33 virtual instrument contains 122 preset sounds including a rotary cabinet and tube overdrive reproduction.

M-Audio Code Series

AIR’s Velvet is a virtual electronic piano that combines five very well known pianos.  The virtual piano is based on the Fender Rhodes MK I Stage Piano, Fender Rhodes MK II Stage Piano, Fender Rhodes Suitcase, Hihner Pianet-T and Wurlitzer electric pianos from the 60s and 70s era.  Velvet seamlessly and accurately replicates the piano sounds as if they were being played in their original forms.

Finally, the Mini Grand is a virtual piano instrument that includes seven individual acoustic piano sounds.  If you are looking for a genuine piano simulation then this is the plugin for you.  The Mini Grand provides high-quality piano samples, equal and stretched tuning, built in room simulation and pioneering re-pedaling technology.

This offer is open to both new and existing customer’s who either purchase an M-Audio Code Series Controller or already own one.  To qualify for AIR Music Technology’s free Mini Grand, Velvet and DB-33 virtual instrument software, you need to register your keyboard after which you will receive a free download code.

In other news...

Code Series Editor Software in now included with every purchase of M-Audio’s Code Series of keyboard controllers.   This new software allows for a more innate and visual way to effortlessly modify MIDI messages, RGB modes and functions of the keyboards.   This change is welcome as it now allows the user more flexibility to create and improve their own workflow.

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