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Thursday, 22 February 2018 12:01:52 Europe/London

Pioneer DJ Firmware UpdatesFeb 2018

Pioneer DJ have released a number of software and firmware updates over the past few weeks. Here you will find information on those updates along with a more detailed description of each.

Pioneer DJS-1000 Firmware Update (Ver.1.10)

New features have been added within this update. You are now able to adjust the volume of multiple tracks simultaneously by holding down ‘Shift’ and highlighting the tracks on screen. Project files can now be loaded to the DJS-1000 from the DJS-TSP Project Creator.

Improvements to existing features have also been made including a level meter for tracks muted and live, sample length has been extended making the maximum length to 64 seconds, FX engaged icon has been added to the ‘Home’ screen, copy the original pattern when it has been extended and the sub parameters can be reset to default by holding down the ‘Performance FX’ effect symbol.

Pioneer DJS-1000 Project Creator Update (Ver.1.1.0)

New file sharing via network has been added.

Pioneer DJS-1000 Driver Software Release

Driver software for USB Connection File Sharing has been released for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Firmware Update (Ver.1.23)

Numerous issues have been reported to which Pioneer have responded by releasing this firmware update. It includes amendments to ‘Quantize’ which was reported to have disabled when using Beat Effect Echo/Delay/Spiral, the browse screen would not display following the loading of tracks when RGB was selected for the Waveform Colour, tracks would not load if it included some MP3 tracks, synced tracks would drift following the use of Beat Jump continuously when Quantize and Sync were enabled, when the master deck was playing loop Sync would not work properly, search would not work all the time, Track Filter Colour would not display correctly, when the Hot Loop Colour was set in rekordbox it would not be replicated on the pad, and finally the stability has been improved when controlling rekordbox dj.

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 (Ver.1.82) and Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1 (Ver.1.53) Firmware Updates

The new and improved features are the same for both of these devices. The TC Supply ShowKontrol software connection failure has been fixed. Two new features have been added in the form of now being able to display BPM and KEY information in the sort menu and user-set categories, and comments can now be added to the categories in the Search screen.

New Lighting Mode in rekordbox dj Ver 5.2 Now Available

rekordbox dj (Ver 5.2) is now available to download, and with this new update brings a new lighting mode. This new mode easily syncs lights with music during a performance via the new dedicated DMX interface. RB-DMX1 is the new dedicated DMX interface and will send the information generated within the lighting mode directly to any lighting feature that supports DMX5121.

The RB-DMX 1 is compact, robust and comes with a rekordbox dj licence. The key features of the rekordbox lighting mode is the automatic creation of lighting patterns that is in sync with your music, Macro Editor feature allows for editing lighting sequences, Macro Mapping feature allows for customising lighting patterns and a Fixture Library for flexible lighting fixture configuration.

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