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In late February 2015, the next generation pro-DJ headphones will arrive as Pioneer DJ launches the HDJ-2000MK2 The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 22 January 2015 07:29:14 Europe/London

Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2: The next generation pro-DJ headphones have arrived as Pioneer DJ launches the HDJ-2000MK2 Professional DJ Headphones: with optimised audio quality, enhanced sound isolation, ultimate comfort and an even more robust build to withstand the rigours of professional use.

The flagship HDJ-2000s have been the pro-DJ’s choice for more than six years thanks to their superb sound separation, from deep bass to crisp trebles. The HDJ-2000MK2s take on board DJs’ feedback and adopt new low-volume air chambers and airtight stitching to deliver the pristine sound needed for monitoring in the loudest clubs.

Available in black or silver, the HDJ-2000MK2s maintain their predecessor’s classic look and premium, robust build. DJs’ comfort is assured during even marathon sets; the ear pads feature urethane memory foam ear pads and leather-feel covers, while a lightweight, adjustable headband and rotatable housings support multiple monitoring styles. Plus with a premium hard carry case, foldable structure and two detachable cords (coiled and straight), the HDJ-2000MK2 headphones are compact, portable and durable enough to fit the lifestyle of even the most demanding pro-DJ.

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