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Focusrite Free Plug-in Collective Offer for November 2017 – Session Bundle from AAS The DJ Shop Blog

Thursday, 9 November 2017 16:02:00 Europe/London

Focusrite Free Plug-in Collective Offer for November 2017 – Session Bundle from AAS

Focusrite have announced that the FREE plug-in collective offer for November is the Session Bundle from Applied Acoustic Systems (AAS). This music production software bundle contains three soft synths; Lounge Lizard Session 4, Strum Session 2 and Ultra Analog Session 2, all of which ensure music producers can create their own unique tracks.


Lounge Lizard Session 4

The Lounge Lizard Session 4 plugin contains 16 original sounding electric piano tones and is based on the classic Rhodes from the prize-winning Lounge Lizard EP-4. There are numerous controls including a compressor, equalizer, key synthesis parameters, effects such as reverb, phaser, tremolo and chorus, and a character knob which provides classic stage and studio signal path emulations.


Strum Session 2

The Strum Session 2 plug-in contains 24 unique electric guitar and acoustic sounds in one package. Playing guitar on the keyboard has never been easier thanks to the 102 MIDI riff library, chord voicing, chord recognition, two-channel amp, effects, spring reverb, speaker cabinet and of course the all-important strumming and picking action. The use of MIDI loops ensures you can use the already recorded strumming patterns over the chords you play. The two-chord library includes both basic and extended chords, which are available on movable, open or drop voicings. Using the arpeggio keys you can trigger down and upstrokes, create picking patterns, and scratch and mute. The modulation wheel can be used to add vibrato, and the pitch wheel or aftertouch can be used to slide and bend.


Ultra Analog Session 2

The Ultra Analog Session 2 plugin is a fun synthesiser crammed with amazing sounds, including signature presets from producers Richard Devine and Sean Divine. The Session 2 includes tap tempo and sync to provide clock options, up to four voice accord, flexible vibrato, glide and legato functions, and poly or monophonic with note priority keyboard modes. The arpeggiator provides numerous syncing options, rhythmic patterns and playing algorithms. The synth is packaged with quality in-built effects that will ensure you have fun exploring sounds. The amazing sound library contains numerous presets in the form of:

  • 31 Arpeggio presets
  • 21 Bass presets
  • 30 Lead presets
  • 28 Pad presets
  • 34 Polysynth presets
  • 50 Richard Devine presets
  • 50 Sean Divine presets

This amazing limited time offer from Focusrite is valid for both new and existing customers until the 8th December 2017. The FREE Session Bundle is accessible for registered hardware users.

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