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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 12:20:27 Europe/London

Ableton Live 9 upgrade offer

For two weeks, starting today, Ableton are running a superb money off offer if you upgrade to Live 9 Standard or Suite. This offer applies from the 30th August 2016 to 13th September inclusive.

Here are the offer details...

£40 off - Live 9 Standard Edition, UPG (online download) from Live Lite

£40 off - Live Standard Edition, UPG (online download) from Live Intro

£80 off - Live 9 Suite Edition, UPG (online download) from Live Lite

£80 off - Live 9 Suite Edition, UPG (online download) from Live Intro

Additionally, you get the following Push Bundles at a discount making them great value for money!

£778 – Ableton Push + Live 9 Suite Upgrade from Intro (Software via ESD (online download))

£778 – Ableton Push + Live 9 Suite Bundle (limited availability)

Why upgrade to Ableton Live 9 Standard or Suites?

Why Upgrade Video Intro

Well, where do I start!  You can get all the top features of Live 9 Suite or standard and gain access to more sounds, instruments, effects and more through this software, for an unbelievable price.  The top features include:

  1. Use an unlimited number of tracks and scenes
  2. Change the drums, harmony and melody to MIDI and Slice audio to MIDI
  3. Slot in external instruments and audio effects
  4. Use up to 128 inputs and outputs
  5. Use up to 12 sends and returns
  6. Shape sounds with Glue Compressor, Dynamic Tube, EQ Eight, Vocoder and many more effects.
  7. Use Groove Pool for advance editing of timing and feel
  8. Use Complex and Complex Pro Warp Modes
  9. Score music to films

Why purchase the Ableton Push and Live 9 bundles?

Push 2 Feature Overview

Ableton Push 2 is a powerful instrument that is the perfect addition to any studio.  You have everything you require, to hand, to make high quality music.  When you team the Push with the Ableton Live 9 Suite, then you have created a match made in heaven.  You have complete control of over 3000 sounds, 41 effects, 9 instruments and all the creative needs through Max for Live.

You only have two weeks to take full advantage of these fantastic prices and deals, so get in there quick!

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