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Novopro Wireless Microphone/Accessory Case


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Quick Overview

The Novopro Wireless Mic/Accessory Case is a small case that is perfect for small microphones and accessories.

Novopro Wireless Microphone/Accessory Case Angle


The Novopro Wireless Mic/Accessory Case is a small flight case with internal pick foam that can be customised to suit your needs as well as a carrying handle for your convenience. The pick foam allows you to ‘pick’ out the semi-precut sections of foam to fit your particular product or use a knife to cut the foam to your exact requirements.

The case is made of rugged, injection moulded plastic with two latching catches and is more than suitable for wireless microphones, control interfaces, photo equipment, in fact anything you need to store and protect.

  • External dimensions: 380mm x 330mm x 95mm
  • Internal dimensions: 360mm x 265mm x 82mm

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