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SBX10 Active Subwoofer

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SBX10 Active Subwoofer

Regular Price: £255.00

Special Price: £244.00


The M-Audio SBX10 Powered Studio Subwoofer is designed to give your monitoring system some serious low end.

The M Audio SBX10 delivers tight, clean bass response down to 20Hz revealing the extreme low frequencies in your music so you can make accurate mixing decisions. Comprising a 10” fiberglass/paper composite driver, a 240-watt all-discrete internal amplifier, and a variable 50-200Hz crossover, the SBX10 subwoofer delivers unbeatable performance in a compact chassis great for studios where space is tight. An oversized magnet, high-temperature voice coil, high-density cabinet and a full complement of inputs are just some of the additional components that round out this high-quality design.

The unit even includes a bypass footswitch so you can easily judge how mixes will sound with and without a dedicated subwoofer. The SBX10 represents the perfect addition to any studio monitor setup. Designed for use with the M-Audio CX and BX Deluxe series or most other studio monitors. The SBX10 active subwoofer delivers the kind of bass response necessary for music, film and multimedia projects. The SBX10 subwoofer accepts the two-channel stereo outputs from your mixer, audio interface or sound card, and your main monitors connect to the subwoofer’s outputs.

The internal crossover network of the SBX10 splits the signal at a user-defined crossover frequency (50-200Hz), routing everything below it to the internal sub and everything above it to the main speakers. This significantly improves fidelity because the components aren’t tripping over each other to reproduce the same frequency and each only has to deliver frequencies to which it is ideally suited.


*10” fiberglass/paper composite cone driver with oversized magnet and High-temperature 2” long-throw voice coil

*240-watt Class A/B amplifier with all-discrete transistor design

*Flared rear bass-reflex port

*Variable 50-200Hz crossover

*20-200Hz low frequency response

*Adjustable gain (-30dB to +6dB)

*Balanced/unbalanced XLR, balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS and RCA inputs

*Balanced/unbalanced XLR and balanced/unbalanced 1/4” TRS outputs allow easy setup of 2.1 monitoring systems

*Includes subwoofer bypass footswitch

*Phase switch (0°/180°)

*Over-temperature protection

*Vinyl-covered high-density internally braced 3/4” MDF cabinet with 1” front and Back baffles

*Removable grill

*Removable feet

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SBX10 Active Subwoofer