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Pioneer DJM-850 USB DJ Mixer (DC)


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Quick Overview

Now Discontinued. Click HERE to view the best alternative Pioneer DJM-750MK2.

Pioneer DJM-850 USB DJ Mixer (Black) top


Now Discontinued. Click HERE to view the best alternative Pioneer DJM-750MK2.

The Pioneer DJM-850 is a mixer and controller in one and crammed with a DJs most popular features.  The mixer is available in two colours (black or silver) and has over 100 effect combinations allowing a DJs creativity to know no bounds. 

DJM-850 Video Walkthrough

Pioneer's DJM850 mixer continues to feature its ancestors top features, the quality build of the club-standard DJM-900 nexus with the addition of a few new qualities all at an affordable price.

The DJM-850 is packed with quality, studio-standard effects, all available at the touch of a button, making the unit ready to simply plug and play.  The Beat Colour Effect is one of the new features incorporated into the mixer.  It effectively ‘listens’ to the sound into each channel and then links the change in volume to other settings.  This is known as Sidechaining and is also incorporated within the Colour Effects of the controller and activated at the touch of a button.  

Finally, the inbuilt 4 stereo channel soundcard enables a simple setup with a one cable connection. Overall, Pioneer's DJM-850 mixer overshadows the software creation capabilities, by allowing the user to step away from their PC/Laptop and use the unit in its entirety.

Pioneer DJM-850 Main Highlights:

The mixers components are encased in a strong outer shell.  There are Pioneer P-Lock Fader Caps that stop the faders from coming off during heavy use.

Pioneering Beat Colour Effect

Sidechaining has now been added to the DJM-850s Colour Effects continuing with the simplicity of its use.  By the use of a button (beat button) the Beat Colour Effect is triggered.  Beat Colour Effect essentially ‘listens’ to the sound into each channel and then links the change in volume to other settings.  For example beat repeat for Cutter, resonance for Filter and Crush and ducking volume for Noise Effect.  This level of control is becoming increasing popular within music production due to the effect it has on combining new sounds and effects into a mix.

FX Boost within Beat Effects

The DJM-850 has 13 improved Beat Effects with a new addition in the form of the Up Echo.  From the DJM-900 nexus the mixer has inherited the Spiral Effect and enhanced the FX Boost function.  This allows the Level/Depth dial to work more definitively than the standard Wet/Dry Control.  When the dial is turned to the 12 o’clock marker the fully wet effect is applied.  When the dial is turned further, High-Pass Filter to the Reverb and Pitch Up to Up Echo are applied.

Four stereo channel soundcard

Built-in to the mixer is a top-performance soundcard which enables synchronised input/output with 24-bit/96kHz processing.  This ensures the sound quality is at its highest even when travelling through the unit.

The DJM-850 can be used for Djing and music production making it a highly versatile and affordable unit.  This is due to the inclusion of three sampling rates – 96kHz, 48kHz and 44.1kHz.  

A simple setup is established as the mixer only requires one cable (USB) connection.  Upon establishing that connection to a PC or laptop a Pioneer utility tool launches allowing the user to change settings for the soundcard, mixer and audio routing.  Scratch control can also be used as the mixer is compatible with the Timecode feature found in Digital Vinyl System (DVS) e.g Traktor.

EQ isolator

Each individual channel has a three-band equaliser (+6 dB to -26 dB) or three-band isolator (+6 dB to -∞dB).  The isolator has been mirrored from the DJM-1000 where the equalizer ranges from -26 kill to complete kill.

Layout design and sound quality

The DJM-850 layout blueprints the easy-to-use and familiar layout of the Pioneer’s club-standard mixers.  The sound components included within the casing of the mixer make sure that the sound output is at its very best.  These include a 32-bit digital signal processor, a 32-bit output D/A converter, an extremely short transmission patch and the separation of the analogue and digital circuitry.

Other features

The mixer is MIDI transferable as the DJM-850 can be used as a MIDI controller.  As the USB is positioned at the top it allows for devices to be changed with ease.  Conveniently, the unit is smart enough to know that if it hasn’t been used for a period of time then it switches itself into standby mode.

Number of channels:   Audio 4-channel, MIC 2-channel
Headphone Monitor Out:   x 1 (top side 1/4-inch Jack)
REC Out:    x 1 (RCA)
Other ports:   Send x 1 (1/4-inch Jack), Return x 1 (1/4-inch Jack)
Digital Out:   x 1 (Coaxial)
Inputs:    CD/Line x 4 (RCA), Line x 2 (RCA), Phono x 2 (RCA), MIC x 2 (XLR and 1/4-inch Jack combined use x 1, 1/4-inch Jack x 1), Outputs: Master Out x 2 (RCA x 1, XLR x 1)
MIDI Out:   x 1 (5P DIN), USB x 1 (top side B port), Control x 4 (Φ 3.5 mm mini-jack)
Sample Rate:   96 kHz
Booth Out:   x 1 (1/4-inch Jack)
D/A converter:   32 Bit
A/D converter:   24 bitFrequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHzTotal harmonic distortion: Max. 0.004%S/N ratio: Min. 106 dB (Line)Headroom: 19 dB
Maximum external dimensions:   (W x H x D) 320 × 108 x 381 mm
Power use:   AC 220 - 240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Weight:   7.7 KG

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Pioneer DJM-850 USB DJ Mixer (DC)