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Allen & Heath Xone DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer

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Quick Overview

Xone DB4 is one of the most revolutionary and advanced professional DJ mixers that has ever been designed by Allen & Heath.

Xone DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer
Finance from as little as £62.05 Per Month. Finance options are available at checkout.



The Allen & Heath Xone DB4 is one of the most revolutionary, ground-breaking and advanced professional DJ mixers that has ever been designed by Allen & Heath.  Every single feature packed into this outstanding mixer has all been meticulously and carefully researched to bring you the ultimate piece of equipment to aid in live DJ creativity.

Xone:DB4 - Ultimate Professional Club DJ Mixer 

The Xone DB4 is based on the iLive pro-touring FX system, which helped create specific FX algorithms.  The unit comes with BPM conscious tight spectrum control and parameters, that have all been custom made to fit the DJ environment.  With all the FX and loops automatically synchronised to the tempo of your track, this allows you to build, effortlessly, incredible sounding grooves and soundscapes without any latency or low fidelity issues.  There is also the added benefit of not having to deal with the hassle often associated with using laptops and software.

Allen and Heath's Xone:DB4 also has a flexible input matrix which will allow any audio source to be selected, on any, or all channels.  You can also apply different processing to the same tracks on individual channels which you can fade between.  There is also the option to add a phrase sample in the loop of one channel and add that to your mix later on in that track. The digital design team responsible for bringing this mixer to life have done an outstanding job, making sure that this mixer is one of the most innovative, ground-breaking, exciting DJ mixing tools to date.

Powerful Quad FX Core

The powerful Quad FX Core DSP engine is what keeps the Xone:DB4 alive.  Each individual channel has its own BPM detection system and FX bank.  As a result, all time-reliant FX and loops are adjusted to the tempo of the music.  Included are five studio grade FX types exclusive for DJ use; reverbs, resonators, damage, delays and modulators.  In addition, each FX type has a patch library of alternate effect variations.  Each of the FX banks has an allocated expression control and a rotary pot used to set the level of wet/dry.  Additional tweaking can be achieved through the use of the global controllers in the master FX section.

Upgrade To Pro-X-Fader

Pro-X-Fade uses conductive plastic tracks and a slightly wider stem for increased fader life. Pro-X-Fade also enables the DJ to alter both the feel of the fader and the cut-in point to suit their individual style. Please ask a member of staff from The DJ Shop for purchasing and fitting information.


X:LINK uses a standard RJ45 connector, which then distributes power and data providing a connection to X:LINK compatible devices, freeing up USB ports on your computer.


Every channel has an integrated looper, with selectable loop length from 1/16 beat to 4 bars. Allen & Heath's DB4 will always record the full 4 bars so that the loop can be expanded or shrunk at will.


DB4 comes fitted with the excellent Xone dual filter system.

Source select

Any music channel can select either of the available stereo music sources: You have Analogue Line 1-4 (these can be switched to Phono on 2-3), along with Digital 1-4 or USB 1-4.

Other great features include:

EQ and Filter

All music channels have a 3-band EQ, which can be configured as standard asymmetric EQ (+6/-26dB), Isolator (+6dB/OFF with a 24dB/octave slope), or reconfigured as a High-Pass/Low-Pass filter system with adaptable resonance. Equaliser knob pointers change colour to determine which type of equalization is active.

Mic/Line Input

The Mic/Line input has 2-band EQ, gain, cue and mix level. This can also be routed to all main input channels overriding Matrix analogue input channel 1 for adding FX and accessing the loopers.

Integral soundcard

A built-in, high quality (24-bit / 96kHz), multi-channel, fully patchable USB2 soundcard allows replay and recording from audio software for four stereo sends and four stereo returns.
User-defined settings such as meter mode, BPM range, USB audio routing scheme and display brightness can be saved to a USB key for recall on another DB4.

MIDI control

All controls (except Mic and Phones level) send MIDI data, and the mixer can double up as a MIDI controller via the MIDI shift button, allowing the Loop and FX selection controls to send MIDI data without changing the mixer settings. DB4 can generate internal MIDI clock which can be used to control the tempo of a connected DAW via USB and the ability to change the mixers MIDI channel.

Output Patchbay

Booth, record, and phones – source selectable and level trim. Booth and main – phase and level trim controls.

High Visibility Display

The OLED display is distinctly visible, even in bright sunlight, and displays channel FX selection and current BPM, along with being an easy interface for the Menu setup functions.

Lightweight chassis

DB4’s lightweight aluminium chassis is designed to make touring with the console easy.

  • Channels 4
  • Inputs 4x RCA line/phono, 4x co-axial S/PDIF, USB
  • Outputs 2x XLR main mix, 1x TRS booth, 1x RCA record
  • Unique Feature Quad FX processor, USB audio interface

DJ Equipment Finance

DJ Equipment Finance


 The DJ Shop have been offering finance to our customers since 1997. We use the largest and most reputable  Finance companies in the retail sector. Finance is available on orders over £200.00

     Who can apply for DJ Equipment Finance

     You can apply for DJ Equipment Finance as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years old and over
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  • You reside in the UK and have a minimum 3 years of UK addresses

 Applications from students (unless employed at least 16 hours per week) or unemployed and single house  persons will be considered depending on your credit score.

Below Are Some Finance Examples Over 1, 2 & 3 Years
DJ Equipment Finance DJ Equipment Finance DJ Equipment Finance
We Offer The Following DJ Equipment Finance Options

12 Months buy now pay later - where you have 12 months to pay the DJ Equipment Finance balance in full at 0% interest. Options to pay are: 12 equal payments, balance in full inside 12 months or payments anytime inside the 12 months as long as its paid in full in the 12 month period

  • 24 Months at 19.9% APR (for orders over £200.00)
  • 36 Months at 19.9% APR (for orders over £200.00)
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How Does DJ Equipment Finance Work


 Select the items you want, place them in your basket, go to checkout, then choose the finance option.

 Decide how much deposit you want to pay, the period of time you want the finance over and then complete the  application.

 If you are approved you will have an option to electronically sign your forms and sign the agreement online (electronic  signature). Following this, one of our DJ Equipment Finance team will call you to arrange the payment of your deposit. If  you have signed via electronic signature we will then be able to ship the goods the same day as long as they are in  stock.  If you have to sign paper forms these will need to be posted to us before we can ship the goods.

How Long Does It Take To Apply For Finance


 The application normally takes about 5 minutes to complete as long as you have all the information that is required. Your  application is then processed by the finance company and we will normally get an instant decision. Some finance  applications take longer if they are referred by the finance company to their underwriters. If they need more information or  is a border line approval this can sometimes take up to a couple of hours however this is rare.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

 When will I receive my equipment?Normally once forms are all signed and all the equipment is in stock we can ship for  next working day delivery.

 Will I have a credit check done on me?Yes. All finance companies do credit checks to determine whether or not they  can  offer you finance.

 Do I need a bank account?Yes. You need a bank account that can accept Direct Debits.

 Do I need to pay a deposit?Yes. Minimum is £30.00 or more (option to put a larger deposit down)

 Is it safe to apply online?Yes. It is very safe to apply online as our website is secured by Thwate which is one of the  leading secure servers in the world


What Personal Information Do I Need?


 We will require normal personal details for the finance company to make their decision:

 Full name, address and postcode (if lived at current address less than 3 years then previous address required)

  • Date of Birth
  • Home telephone number
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Employment details
  • Bank details
  • Salary bracket
  • All the answers required are very self explanatory on the application form
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Allen & Heath Xone DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer