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Novopro STP Scrim Sock


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Give your lecterns/podiums a makeover with the STP Scrim Socks. The sleek design can be slid over your truss to create a more professional look. The scrim socks come in a range of sizes and either in black or white and with or without Velcro for the larger sizes.

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The Novopro STP socks are made to fit around your truss, podium or lecterns to give you a sleek, cost-effective makeover. This scrim comes in 1-metre and 2-metre lengths, small or large truss sizes, with or without Velcro and either in black or white. Whatever your scrim needs the STP series will solve them.

STP Scrim Sock

Made from a double stitched elasticated material the scrim sock stretches around metalwork to create a finish that can be used to black out your setup or be illuminated for creative effect. The regular scrims can be placed over your truss/podium whereas the Velcro scrims use male and female Velcro along the edge so they can be fitted around a podium that isn’t so easy to slide a scrim onto or mounted onto a truss where you want to add scrims.

The STP100 scrims will fit a truss that has an outer perimeter of 520mm to 850mm; this includes Trilite 100 series, tri & quad truss and 200 series tri truss as well as other small to medium sized trussing from different brands.

The STP200 scrims will fit a truss that has an outer perimeter of 850mm to 1300mm; this includes Trilite 200 series quad & 18+ truss along with medium to large sized trussing from different brands.

The Novopro STP range has been treated with a fire retardant finish which must be reapplied after washing and is supplied with a convenient drawstring bag.

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Novopro STP Scrim Sock